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Rene Caisse
1888 - 1978

Dr. Pierre Gaulin Lazore
Dr. Pierre Gaulin Lazore
M.D.M.A,;F.R.C.P.; LL.B.;
D.Sc. (forensic Medicine)
C.M.D.;(PRC); O.M.D.;(Eu)
L,M,C,; (Mex) M.D.H.;
*Autochthon Medicine man

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In Health WE Stand...

Historically ESSIAC® has treated cancer and built up immunity since 1922.

Registered Nurse Rene Caisse developed it along with 240 other natural plants ingredients in her treatment formulary. Her natural herbal products (medications) include a salve, enema, injectables, decoction, kidney pills, prostate pills, also tea formulations.

ESSIAC® as produced is the only true complete, true, original legal ESSIAC formulations and bears the TradeMark 1625600 (view US Trademark Registration)

We only use the original ESSIAC® combinations. In treatment may use other products. All other essiacs are fraudulent and counterfeits.

Patient Evaluations:

A complete medical history is required from your hospitals, physicians, lab, X-rays and any and all other pertinent information. Please use this Medical Consent Form to send to your practitioners or institutions.


ESSIAC DecoctionFor only $200 USD (one time fee) a review of Health and Medical Records for a proposed plan/opinion for your treatment, including any follow up records.

All questions will be answered at no extra charge.

Download Medical Consent Form, don't wait! One to each physician or institutions.

Second opinion is suggested.

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When a disease is serious enough then you ought to consult the alternative practitioner.